As opposed to plastic surgery that is extended in scope, cosmetic surgery mainly focuses on improving appearance. People today are more conscious of their looks and resort to cosmetic surgery in order to be perceived as being more attractive or to remove defects such as signs of ageing.


The field is vast and if you look for cosmetic surgeons Dubai based, you can expect them to possess the highest qualifications, years of experience and specialized skills to carry out general processes such as eyelid surgery; abdominoplasty to reshape the abdomen; mammoplasty that is so popular with ladies for breast enlargement, shaping or reduction;  buttock augmentation; chemical peeling to remove scars and  dark spots; rhinoplasty to reshape the nose and lip enhancement to reshape the lips, cutting down or enlarging it to the desired shape.


Modern cosmetic surgery is much more advanced and makes use of lasers and specialized equipments to achieve precise effects. One such modern technology is the use of radio frequency along with laser to tighten the skin and make a person look younger. Body contouring using radio frequency, lasrs and vacuum pressure dissolves fat and cellulite besides tightening the skin. Fraxel laser is yet another technique now in vogue to treat sun damaged skin on exposed parts of the body. Sometimes organic peeling using only vegetable and fruit sources work well but require careful balancing and choice of ingredients.  When you consult a cosmetic surgeon Dubai based, you can expect to be offered these advanced techniques along with laser lypolysis and endoscopic techniques. A consultation will be followed by recommendations on the process that is most suitable to achieve the desired outcome.


The outcome achieved is no doubt transformational and greatly improves looks as well as self confidence of an individual. Apart from purely cosmetic reasons the surgery may also involve removal of extra bones in the palm and serve a functional purpose. Regardless, today, surgery in Dubai by cosmetic surgeons is a fast process, completed in anything from one hour to a couple of hours depending on the complexity. Patients may be put under anesthesia in which case they spend a couple of hours at the clinic recovering and then go on to their homes to rest and recuperate. This saves on hospital bills and allows quicker healing as well as reduced stress for the individual who has undergone surgery.


Why is Dubai emerging as a centre for high technology cosmetic surgery? The answer is simple. Hospitals in Dubai have the latest in equipments. They are well maintained and are well staffed. More importantly, the surgery is carried out by expert and experienced surgeons with multiple qualifications. The most important reason, however, is cost. A cosmetic surgical process that would cost tens of thousands in Europe or USA is performed at a fraction of the price here in Dubai and with the least inconvenience to patients while the quality of service is no less than what prevails in the Western countries. Even factoring in cost of travel the process works out to be more affordable.